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Pet-Sitter's Check List

Cats in the City requires the following at the meet-and-greet visit:

  • Spare set of labeled keys to your home (two sets are ideal)
  • Exact dates of kitty care needed
  • Emergency contact information, including contact information for who else has keys to your home, if applicable

Cats in the the City  requires the following at the time of kitty care:

  • Travel information, including trip departure and home arrival times
  • Veterinarian information, including name, address, telephone # of animal hospital
  • Credit card number on file at animal hospital, or check payable to vet and ER
  • Assembled/accessible cat carrier
  • Cat care information sheet on how to care for your cat/s, including hiding spots and petting preferances and dislikes
  • Medicine names and administration schedules
  • Clearly labeled medicine containers
  • Paper towels and cleaner for accidents
  • Plenty of kitty food and kitty litter supplies, including extra in case you are delayed from coming home as planned
  • Broom and dustpan to remove scattered litter/food

Cats in the City  reserves the right to charge a minimum of $25.00 to shop for medicine, food, litter, if home runs out of supplies during designated cat care time. Cats in the City also highly suggests clients leave a minimum of $25.00 cash to cover possible supply expenses. Please label as emergency cash.

Cats in the City  prefers all non-refrigerated food, medicines and supplies left in one accessible place. This saves more time to spend with your cat/s after feeding, medicating, scooping!

Cats in the City  recommends kitties having totally clean litter boxes and litter before you leave. It can be stressful for your cat/s when you leave town. Clean boxes and litter may help prevent behavioral accidents while you are away. Hiring a pet sitter to care for your kitties is the absolute best option, but for some cats, adjustment time is still needed. 

Other Suggestions:
  • Feliway plug-in ( one month before departure (several if your home is large and has more than one floor).
  • Extra food and water dishes for rotation to save time when feeding
  • Clean hand towels or paper towels - pet sitters wash hands a lot!

Last, but not least:

Cats in the City will not leave keys in an apartment the last day of the job. This is not wise in case you need unexpected, additional care due to flight delays/cancelations. Cats in the City  will make future arrangements for key return, or for most clients, Cats in the City  keeps keys safely for the next trip. This is a time-saver for all involved too.

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